Sunday, September 20, 2009

This week...

Kaiden started in the little kindy room at daycare. While he may miss his friend Liam, he does get to play again with his former bestie Frankie. He enjoyed his first day. He gets to go in the bigger play area with the older kids. Lunch and the afternoon rest is half an hour later. At his swimming lesson on Friday he kicked and paddled all the way across the pool. Jordan is growing quickly. This week we saw smiles for the first time which are just gorgeous, especially with the little dimples. We had the six-weekly visit to the paediatrician this week, a week early because Brett was worried about Jordan's boy-bits. Jordan was given the all-clear - he has a hydrocele which should disappear over the next 12 months. He also impressed the Dr with a huge pee which not only saturated the mat but the cover of the bed as well (I bet the receptionist who had to change the sheets was not impressed). The Dr discovered the Jordan has an innocent heart murmur which apparently can be be hereditary.

New stats for Jordan:
Weight 4.55kg
Length 56.5 cm (health nurse was a bit out probably because Jordan was asleep at the time!)
Head circumference 38.7cm

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