Friday, September 11, 2009

At four weeks...

Above: Jordan enjoying Lauren's birthday party - he slept through the whole thing.

Today we went off to the child health nurse at the chemist for a weigh-in and measure. Here's the stats:
*Weight now 4240g (was 3530 at birth) now in around 49th percentile (same as birth)
*Length now 59 cm (was 53cm at birth) now in 96th percentile (up from 90th percentile at birth)
*Head circumference now 38cm (was 35cm at birth) now in 75th percentile

No wonder the 0000 bodysuits no longer fit and we have moved in 000s. There are only a few 0000 outfits that still fit him and for not much longer, the 000s are better with more room for his cloth nappy bum.

I weighed Kaiden at home and he now weighs 13.6kg which puts him in the 40th percentile for his age.

At four weeks Jordan:
* Loves a bath and always has from his first one
* Hates his nappy being changed and getting dressed
* Can go 3 1/2 to 4 hours between feeds (including at night if I'm lucky)
* Changes from day to day, some days has very long sleeps, other days not so
* Is most irritable in the early evening
* Has a tinge of red in his hair

Kaiden refers to him as "the baby" not Jordan - "Where is the baby?", "We feed the baby".

Conversations with Kaiden now go like this. We were passing a paddock of dairy cows so I ask Kaiden, "Where does milk come from". He smartly answers, "nipples". So true. (Months ago we were having a similar conversation at my Aunt's and he pointed to the milk carton). He has taken in breastfeeding - if Jordan is on his lap he pulls up his shirt ready for him to have a feed. Sorry buddy - won't work! He thinks Jordan drinks "pink" milk - strawberry flavoured of course, because that is Kaiden's favourite.

It feels like Jordan has been part of our family forever, in a nice way. Like it was his destiny to join us and now our little family is complete.


Andrea said...

Lovely words Susan, I am so pleased J is settling in so well.
Love the milk story, we had te how do babies get out question yesterday. I was honest...Ellyse quickly announced she would not be having any babies.

AJ said...

Love the smile on his face and the dimple in his cheek....he looks like he is enjoying himself dispite being asleep!