Monday, September 6, 2010

Releasing my inner girl.....

The EB kid's sewing swap is the one time of the year that I can go "girly" with my sewing. This year I sewed two outfits, one was for Lisa's little girl Ashley. Lisa has included a pic of the dress I made being worn, plus the photo from the Ottobre magazine on her blog Beetlehouse Designs. I also took a photo of the dress before it left but it was hard to photograph well.

The outfit is the Romantic Dress and underskirt from Ottobre Issue 3/2007. It was quite easy to make once I worked out how to sew it up as the instructions in Ottobre are quite basic and there are no pictures / diagrams to guide you as you go along. It has given me more confidence in sewing from the Ottobre magazine and I loved making something different to what I normally might sew.

The dress can be worn with the underskirt although I put an extra button down lower as I thought it could always be undone to let the underskirt show through.

A special thank you to Karen for her advise with button placement and the girls over at Crafty Mama's who gave me lots of help with my Ottobre questions!

And I can't forget Kaiden...about half-way through making the dress I realised the Kaiden and Lisa's little girl were very similar with their measurements. While Kaiden did think the dress was very pretty, there was only so many times I could bribe him with chocolate to try it on for size.

Pattern: Ottobre Romantic Dress and underskirt Issue 3/2007
Fabric: Lincraft purchased July 2010
Notions: Ribbon, lace trim from Lincraft. Lace dyed grey to match the fabric. Buttons from Spotlight

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Karen said...

Susan this is gorgeous and it wounds like Lisa's little girl adores it.
You've made such lovely fabric selections - that really makes it.
LOL at Kaiden trying it on!!