Monday, April 11, 2011

Bucket hat for Jordan

Our drawers are scare of hats too, and it is always handy to have one in the just in case. So I made one for Jordan using this free tutorial. Unfortunately, my model wasn't too willing....

EB clothing swap - received for Jordan

Jordy received this gorgeous little outfit featuring his favourites - dinosaurs. It was made by Jade (who doesn't have a blog). Thanks Jade! The pants are the Big Butt Pants which is a pattern I'd seriously be considering to add to my (still unorganised) stash of patterns except reality is a) Jordan doesn't need more pants b) he will be out of nappies before he does need any more.* The pants are made with room for a cloth nappy which is great - plenty of space over the rise! The set is a touch large which is great as he can grow into it and I bet that really isn't too far away.

*Although if someone was to buy the pattern for me I would make one of those ruffle pants for them in return - seriously - they are so cute!!

Close-up of the dinosaur on the pants

The full outfit

Applique dinosaur on the t-shirt

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little Explorer Shorts

It was very sad to look in Kaiden's drawer for around the house clothes and find a pile of NOTHING! Perhaps we were a little behind in the washing but regardless I thought it was time to sew him up a new pair of shorts.
I (or rather my sewing machine) made a big boo boo with the embroidery for the front of the pants so I made up a couple of panels to sew on. I didn't take alot of my usual care with sewing as these are most probably going to be worn to daycare/around the house but I still love how it looks. Kaiden said he loves them too and started to make up a story about how the dino was walking to the volcano!

Pattern: Little Explorer Shorts, Make It Perfect, size 4
Made for: Kaiden
Alterations: omitted pockets
Fabric: Denim from stash, contrast cuff from Lincraft remnant bin