Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tea bag wallet

These are handy indeed! I love the one I have kept for my handbag and the rest are gifts for Kaiden and Jordan's daycare carers, together with a notebook or other small gift.
The instructions are easy and simple to sew. They use up scraps of fabric as well!



Another Bitti

There is something about chunky yarn and needles and an easy pattern that makes for the ideal knit for camping.
So while we were away over a recent weekend, I was able to knit up the body of this Bitti (mostly when Brett was driving), just leaving the sleeves and finishing for home.
There is no gift recipient in mind at this point of time, it was mostly to finish up some Woolganics which I had on hand. This one will go straight into the 'gift box' as I'm sure I'll find a little girl to give it a home soon.
And yes, I have made one of these before (exactly the same just a smaller size) which made it extra easy.

Wool: Woolganics, Bendigo Wool
Size: 4
Pattern: Itti Bitti Bump

Bitti Bump

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ottobre 3/2009

When Kaiden first saw this shirt, his comment was, "But it doesn't have dinosaurs".
So he resisted trying it on but eventually came good. It was a pretty easy shirt to sew and while the collar interfacing was a new experience for me, it looks neat and well-finished. I think though next time it could do with a touch more length as he is tending to grow upwards and not outwards. And I'm thinking the shirt would look nicer if the top button was done up too!

Pattern: Ottobre 3/2009 Collared shirt
Size: 104cm
Fabric: From Sewco

You can find my review of this pattern here on Pattern Review.

Ottobre 3/2009

Ottobre 3/2009

PS> At the end of the day we couldn't get the shirt off him and he wanted to wear it to bed. Must be a sign that all is OK even though there is not a dinosaur in sight.