Sunday, October 13, 2013

Back from retreat

I'm just back from my first craft retreat in five years.....I had forgotten how relaxing it is to immerse oneself in a hobby WITHOUT a single interruption except for food and chat. Being with a bunch of women there was also no toilet roll running out and the toilet seat was always down.  When I woke up I felt like I had been in a deep sleep for hours, thinking it was mid-morning when it was 7am, and delighted in being able to eat without a child on my lap and the bed totally and absolutely all to myself. All meals were cooked for me and there was no washing up.  Ahhhhh bliss. 

The good thing about the retreat was that it was open to any form of crafter. There was a mixture of scrapbookers, knitters, a sewist, crocheters and card makers. A friend of mine from school invited me when she found out I was a scrapbooker of the past so I dug out my supplies and made a few special purchases (like ink and washi tape).  I have found that I love ink and I love washi tape even more. Scrapbookers will notice that my layouts feature alot of the older Basic Grey and Kaiser Craft. Like I said, five years since my last retreat and about four years since I last scrapbooked.

Being that I hadn't scrapped in such a long time, I enjoyed playing around again with paper and glue. It  has been a long time. Here are the end efforts of my weekend.  Apologies for the poor photos but this is just a quick show and tell. 










PS: I do feel like I have somehow betrayed my sewing machine but I'm sure all will be quickly forgiven.