Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Over the past month or so, I have used my machine to embroider a couple of different masks just for a bit of fun with the boys.

Firstly, the boys asked for a sleep mask. This one suited Mr J. The colours I used made it look like the pirate was a bit seedy though and needed some more sleep! I also forgot to add in the black fabric for the patch but the boys didn't notice. The design is from SWAK embroidery.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I made a few tiger masks.

Mr K selected a white felt as the base. Mr J selected the yellow felt. Mr K said the white version looked more like a super bunny, but later he agreed with Mr J that he was actually a snow leopard.

The tiger masks were from a package of animal masks from Embroidery Super Deal. I embroidered on felt with double tearaway stabiliser. I enlarged the design slightly and didn't use the suggested craft foam underneath the felt. The designs turned out fine, and the boys enjoyed playing with them for the remainder for the afternoon. They helped with the thread colour changes and starting the machine between rethreading.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Busy boys everyday shorts - Take two

Sometimes a pattern is worth a second shot, and the first pair of these received such a thumbs up so I made them again. Yes, this another pair of the Busy boys everyday shorts by the Pattern Emporium.

Another quick and simple sew!

Fabric is quilting cotton from my stash (originally purchased from Spotlight). I used interfacing this time on the waistband and also didn't include the side and back pockets. These also will be around the house shorts so I figured that they didn't need the extra pockets, which are option on the back and side. Maybe for the next pair?



Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy sewing day! - Busy Boys Everyday Shorts by Pattern Emporium

Boxing Day is an opportunity to recover from Christmas day, and for me an opportunity finally to do some sewing (after having spent time in the weeks prior actually tidying up my sewing room so it was workable again).

Boxing Day also means Boxing Day sales, and I also took the opportunity to pick up the new pattern from Pattern Emporium, the Busy Boys Everyday Shorts.

Mr K loves these shorts. They are comfy, have the opportunity for a splash of colour and variety, pockets off the waist band and he can wear them a bit lower off the waist. I made a size eight, which was a good fit (with a touch of room) for my just turned eight year old. The elastic is across the whole waist. Mr K doesn't seem to like shorts with flat fronts and elastic just at the back.

I like that the instructions are clear and easy to follow, the designer has included tips and linked sections in the pdf instructions (so you can jump easily from one section to another). There are many variations available in the one pattern - three lengths, pockets, pocket tabs and hem tabs. The pattern is available in two formats - print at home and large poster size. This will be handy when I need to print out the larger sizes. Oh, and I love that it goes up to size 14, it means that this pattern is good value for money in respect to sizing (goes from size 2 to size 14).

I have tried at least five or six different shorts patterns over the years, and this would have to be my new favourite.

The fabric is printed drill from Spotlight. I had some left in my stash from these shorts.

I made the Jump shorts length (to the knee) and didn't interface the waistband.